EPREL data software

Energy label for lighting fixtures

The EPREL database

As part of the initiatives to achieve energy efficiency, the European Union has established the EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labeling) database. EPREL is the European register of electronic labels with data on the energy performance of products on the market.

The obligation to register with EPREL also concerns lighting devices, for which new labeling has been introduced since 1 September 2021 to characterize their energy performance. Manufacturers and importers are therefore obliged to upload a series of information on the products they market with particular reference to performance and energy consumption.

The reference standards are the EU Regulation 2019/2015 called ELR (Energy Labeling Regulation) concerning the energy labeling of light sources, and the EU Regulation 2019/2020, called SLR (Single Lighting Regulation) which regulates the functional requirements and performance of light sources and power supplies. The two aforementioned rules were subsequently updated, respectively by EU Regulation 2021/340 and by EU Regulation 2021/341.

Sedis Light Technology software for EPREL data

Entering the data on the lighting fixtures into the EPREL database can be done manually for each piece of data or by preparing a compressed file in .zip format containing an .XML file in which the information on the lighting fixture is transcribed and then loading the aforementioned .zip file in the portal.

However, both manual data loading and generating the file to be loaded are complex and laborious operations, which present the risk of errors. To help suppliers of lighting fixtures to comply more quickly and safely with the requirements of European regulations, Sedis Light Technology has therefore created the EPREL software capable of generating the compressed file containing all the necessary information, starting from the generated data file from the lighting measurement of the lighting fixture.


The content of the .zip file generated by the EPREL software includes the .XML file which contains the lighting measurement data, required by the legislation, and a Jpeg file with the image of the lighting fixture.

The Sedis Light Technology software also allows you to add documents such as measurement reports, for a more accurate characterization of the lighting fixture within the database. A user-friendly interface allows all operations to be carried out easily, from loading data to generating the final .zip file.