For over 20 years Sedis Light Technology has successfully designed, developed and manufactured measuring instruments and systems to process photometric/colorimetric measurements, as well as optical design for any kind of lighting fixtures.

Ou main goal is to offer our clients light measuring instruments able to combine accuracy, precision and reliability of measurements with user-friendliness.

Our R&D Department takes advantage of skillful professionals from different fields, this allows us to manage the overall development of new instruments, from the conceptual idea to the manufacturing of the final instrument.

On the basis of our client’s specific requirements we internally design, develop, manufacture and test:

  • custom and laboratory instruments for photometric and colorimetric measurements;
  • systems for the statistical assessment of light quality for the prototyping/new lighting fixture development.

Every instrument is developed and adapted to our client’s requirements and needs in terms of functions, dimensions and performance. As a matter of fact, Sedis Light Technology can manufacture and customize not only the measuring instruments but also the relevant softwares to be used for their management.

We also provide custom solutions for the automotive lighting sector, thus developing:

  • measurement systems for projector headlights and/or reflector headlights;
  • measurement systems for the colorimetric parameters of the light sources fitted on the cars;
  • virtual lighting and skylights to run tests on sensors dealing with specific environmental light conditions.

Feel free to contact us for more information and to understand together how we can develop the most suitable instruments for your specific corporate needs.