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Measurement System


LMP WIRELESS is the first system in the world for photometric measurements whose probes can detect illuminance values, chromaticity coordinates, Red, Green and Blue light components (RGB) and color temperature  from any position.

The constantly evolving lighting industry requires the use of instruments able to comply with different needs.

This is why this new system has been designed and developed to be used in a variety of applications,  such as:

  • production process, the instrument can perform multiple statistical quality controls
  • street lighting, this tool is used to detect simultaneously Lux on the ground in several different places and without space constraints;
  • lighting design, this instrument can measure, within the environment of interest, color temperature and chromaticity coordinates in many different points which may be far from each other


  • 1 remote control station connected to PC and able to manage from 1 up to 10 acquisition probes
  • Acquisition probles able to transfer data to the remote control station up to a maximum distance of  60 meters
  • 2 types of probes: Luxmeter LMP and Colorimeter LMP
  • Possibility to set a specific sampling time interval for each probe
  • L class sensor fo illuminance  (0÷180.000,00 Lux)
  • Measurement range for RGB components 0-256 (whole numbers)
  • Measurement range for Color temperature 0 – 15.000° Kelvin
  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Free post-selling assistance and support

LMP WIRELESS is a new measurement system that enables field measurements and the transfer of measurement data via wireless and without cabling to a remote control station connected to a PC.


  • Luxmeter LMP
  • Colorimeter LMP


  • illuminance
  • absolute value for RGB components
  • chromaticity coordinates x y (CIE 1931 color space)
  • color temperature