Goniophotometer for retro-reflectors

Goniophotometers for retroreflectors measurement

The proposed system allows goniophotometric measurements to be carried out automatically and extremely quickly and flexibly on all types of retro-reflectors.

This system is designed to support quality control in the production phase.

Instrument description


The projector (power to be defined) simulates illuminant A CIE for the photometric characterisation of retro-reflecting devices by ensuring the solid angle of the source as per the SAE CIE-CEN standard, this projector is equipped with a device for limiting the problems associated with stray light on the luminous area of the retro-reflector.

Laser pointer for correct identification of the photometric centre of the retro-reflector measuring area

Photometric value acquisition probes for retro-reflectors

The system will use no. 3 fixed spectrometers, placed at a distance of 5.00 metres from the retro-reflector being measured, and forming divergence measurement angles with respect to the source-catadio-reflector axis as per standards. (ECE/SAE, angle between the sensors 12′, 20′ and 90′). Probe observation point 0°H / 0°V.

Rigid metal linear guide to support and align the retro-reflector holder with the spectrometer and the projector


Notebook with Windows operating system

Photometric measurement management software