Sedis Light Technology portable instruments for photometry and colorimetry

MLM 1009 MCM 1005 Compact Shine SVR 36-83 spectrophotometer  SVRG 36-83 spectrophotometer for goniophotometer
MLM 1009 MCC 1005 Compact Shine SVR 36-83 portable SVRG 36-83
General characteristics
Portable use
Measured parameters basic setting
Illuminance (lux)
Luminance (cd/m2)
Spectral irradiance (µW* cm-2 * nm-1)
RGB chromatic coordinates
X1 and X2 components of X
Chromatic coordinates x, y (CIE 1931 colour space)
Chromatic coordinates u’, v‘ (CIE 1976 colour space)
Correlated colour temperature (CCT)
Chromatic difference (DC)
Chromatic rendering index (CRI)
Colour components (R1, R2,  … , R14)
Fidelity Index (IES TM 30-15 standards)
Gamut Area Index (GAI) (IES TM 30-15 standards)
CMAS (Mac Adam ellipses)
Light source stability check