Our technologies:

✓ Goniophotometers

✓ Spectrophotometers (Portable and Integrable to our goniophotometers)

✓ Luxmeters ✓ Colorimeters ✓ Luminance meters

✓ Custom instruments and systems

Sedis Light Technology also runs a research group aiming at ensuring quality and technological innovation that led us to achieve solutions of excellence and patentability.

Please, feel free to contact us to have more information and to understand together how Sedis Light Technolgy can help you achieve your corporate goals.

SEDIS Light Technology is an Italian company that designs and manufactures professional instruments and devices for the measurement of light.

We provide lighting professionals with reliable light measuring instruments for any kind of lighting fixture or light source – both laboratory and field instrumentation.

We fully design, develop, manufacture and test all our instruments within our company, from the acquisition sensors to the last line of our softwares code.

And we give our best when clients ask for further customization.