We have developed several years’ experience in optical design for any kind of illuminator.

Specializing at first in the automotive field, which is highly bound to design requirements, strict approval constraints, high performance and short timings, we now also focus on the civil lighting market.

Indeed in the civil market, especially in the street lighting sector or in the medical sector, there is a growing need for particular photometric distributions and low power consumption. The same applies to lighting fixtures design, where it is required not only to manufacture beautiful luminaires but also functional and efficient luminaires with no harmful effect on eyesight.

We work with big, medium and small companies not only for optical design purposes but also to carry out together innovative researches and feasibility studies.

In addition to the companies working in the above mentioned fields, over the years many other company types successfully relied on Sedis Light Technology, from manufacturers of lighting fixtures for shows and advertising to designers of natural (solar) lighting systems, from companies specialized in creating systems (lighting fixtures) to test materials aging to manufacturers of projector headlights and reflector headlights.

The main goal of Sedis Light Technology is to constantly and continuously grow and improve in order to enhance, if possible, the quality of the products of all the clients who choose to rely on us.